More Gay Tony Praise

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Rockstar Games has recieved more praise from game reviewers across the world
for their new game, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The game recieved high praise from every reviewer:

Gametrailers TV: "How good is it? In a word, simply fabulous. For a truly enjoyable way to end the GTA IV party right, The Ballad of Gay Tony fires on all cylinders. It’s got plenty of bang for the buck, handily one-upping most full priced retail games."

OXM UK:"It's utterly ludicrous and rather brilliant, unashamedly harking back to Vice City... Lots of new toys, quickly given... Great new radio stations... Hours of new content... New multiplayer extras...This is GTA doing what it does best."

IGN AU: "The Ballad of Gay Tony is one of Rockstar North's finest dozen or so hours of recent years...Gay Tony has its own distinct look – and it's now our personal favourite. The dog has been let off the chain: things explode with pleasing frequency in The Ballad of Gay Tony... The Ballad of Gay Tony is an incredible offering, but when combined with The Lost and Damned in 'Episodes From Liberty City' at retail, it's irresistible.”

Official Xbox Magazine Australia:"Two chunks of GTA awesomeness on one standalone disc... GTA IV remains this generation's finest single-player experience, some 18 months after its release. But to play it and skip the Episodes from Liberty City would be akin to sticking on the DVD of Pulp Fiction and stopping it halfway through."

Nowgamer: Arabic billionaire Yusuf Amir, voiced by comedian Omid Djalili. You can almost believe that Rockstar had created this character purely to give them an excuse to cast Djalili in Gay Tony, because he buttons the role... Compared to GTA IV's drip-feed, it's almost overwhelming... It's utterly ludicrous and rather brilliant... This is GTA doing what it does best."