Treacherous Swine

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Upon arrival at his yacht, Cortez tells you that Gonzales might have your money, so you decide to go and pay him a visit and ask him nicely with the chainsaw you have just been given.

Vrrrrr, Vrrrrr (chainsaw sound)

Drive to Gonzales' apartment building and stand in the pink circle to enter it. Once you get in, Gonzales will try to escape. Chase him, and cut him to pieces. Alternatively, just shoot him; it's your call. Anyway, if he gets outside, follow him and hop in a nearby car to splatter him on the pavement. Or run after him with the chainsaw. Whatever floats your boat. Once he's dead you will have a 2-star wanted level. You then need to lose the police. Either go to Pay & Spray, or grab the police bribe next to Gonzales's house, then find another bribe to lose the police. Driving around for long enough will lose that last star anyway. Once you lose the star, its mission passed.

Mission Passed!