Mall Shootout

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It turns out that killing Gonzalez didn't get you your money back, but in the meantime, the Colonel wants you to do more missions for him. He asks you to go to the mini-mall in Washington and see a French courier about some high-tech chips that have become available.

It's A Trap!

Drive to the mall in Washington. Enter and go up the stairs to meet the French guy inconspicuously standing there. He mutters some passcode - "Ze weather, she is très wet zis time of ze year", at which point a SWAT team emerge. The courier runs off, cursing your American incompetence. You have to chase him, so run after him and get into a vehicle. Often a Sanchez will be waiting for you and you'll have to gun him down in a chase, but otherwise get into a parked car and drive straight at him to knock him off his bike. Run him over to make him drop the chips. Pick up the package and take it back to Cortez. You'll have two stars, but the effect is minimal. Just get back to Cortez to lose them.

Mission Passed!