Demolition Man

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Avery tells you that there is a building being built at a construction site down the road that will disrupt his plans, and he wants you to take care of the problem (also known as blowing it up).

Remote Control Terrorism

After the cut scene, run to the Top Fun Van down the road. You now have to fly the RC chopper, pick up the bombs and drop them into the pink circles on the various floors of the construction site. It's worth flying around and getting used to the controls first. If you wish to prepare yourself for the mission (or have been having trouble), fly around the inside of the building (through the ground floor) and fly the blades into the people in the site. This should make it easier later on.

As soon as you pick up the first bomb, the timer will start and you have 7 minutes to beat the mission. That's more then enough time, so don't worry.

The first marker is to the top left of the building site, on ground level from where you start.
The second marker is on the first level up and is found if you turn right once you get up the stairs and head past the orange board.
The third marker is on the second level up and is found right at the top of the stairs and slightly to the right behind and orange board.
And finally, the last marker is on the third level up and is found right at the top of the stairs, right at the end, then a sharp right behind an orange board.

Once you drop the last bomb you pass the mission and you can watch the building blow up. You don't have to escape from the building, so there's no need to start from the top or conserve time to get out. Just fly the helicopter carefully.

Mission Passed!