This Ain't Checkers

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Mori says he'll cancel Tony's debt and get out of your life if you win a bet. The bet is to beat him in a race around the city.

Fly, Fall, Boat and Drive

Grab a vehicle and make your way to the helipad in Algonquin.

After the cutscene you need to freefall towards the docks at the West side of Happiness Island. In other words hold the right analog stick straight forward the whole time. As you get level with, or just before the height of the statue, pull your chute and glide towards the boats.

Get in a boat and make your way around the coast of Alderney going through the pink checkpoints until you reach the beach. Get out of the boat and into a vehicle, then start following the route back to Middle Park. You'll be told about Nitro which can be used by pressing B, however I seriously suggest you only use this when you're on a straight. The boost it gives you is insanely powerful and you won't be able to control the car unless you're going in a straight line. If you smash the car up, or flip it, it's mission over for you.

Once you get to the end, assuming you won it's mission complete.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 07:35
  • Player Damage: 0%
  • Landed In Boat
  • Always First

Mission 100% Completion Tips

The time limit on the mission isn't too bad. Unless you crash either the boat or car multiple times, you should always be in the lead. Combine that with Nitro on the straights (generally once you get onto the bridge leading to Algonquin) and you should complete the Always First, and Time objectives. You won't take any damage on this mission unless you do something seriously retarded, so that's almost a given objective. The only other one is to make sure you land in a boat, which if you pull the chute just above the happiness statue, you should be able to control a glide into the boat.