Departure Time

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Tony is still planning to escape the city because he's pissed that you contemplated murdering him. Luis manages to convince him that if you kill Bulgarin, everything will be alright again.

Goodbye To Your Profits

Take Tony to Funland on Firefly Island. Once you arrive, Tony will drop you off and go somewhere safe to stay. Walk into Fun Land and watch the short cutscene where a van will drive up and two gang members will get out.

Use your explosive shotgun, which has incredible range and take them out. Shoot the van until it blows up. You actually need to destroy the large plastic birds, which Bulgarin is using to store the Heroin. My preferred way of tackling this mission is to take out the van at the end first, then run North towards Broker. Head slightly along the street to the right and you'll see a metal gate that you can climb over.

You'll be getting shot at as soon as you get over, so quickly lock onto the enemies and take them out. You can run into some cover if you need to.

Destroy the van to the left, which in turn will destroy the Heroin bird. There's a health pack on the wall right next to this bird if you need it.

Once the bird's destroyed, continue making your way South towards the other end of Funland, locking onto, and taking out the enemies as you go. There's plenty of them, so move slowly and make sure one of them isn't hiding behind something to your left or right, as that's a pretty good way to get dead quick.

Once all of the enemies are taken care of, destroy the final bird. There's body armor next to a booth right at the end of the area, it'll stand out glowing against the grey hut.

You now need to make your way through to the other side of Funland to take out one last bird. As you head through, three or four enemies will come running out, so pick them off quickly. You need to head through to the right, so move quickly, but carefully. Keep holding aim and whenever you lock onto a target, fire. Watch out for explosive containers too because even if you shoot an enemy, if you're close to one of them, there's a chance one of your shotgun pellets will hit it and it'll blow you sky high.

Keep fighting your way along to the right and once you get around the final corner, you'll need to take out two guys quickly. Destroy the birds, then a short cutscene will kick in where Timur tells you Ray is about to fly and you're all dead. As soon as the cutscene is over, get out of cover and sprint after him. You can kill him just about as he starts to go down the ramp of the under pass, and I suggest that you try to kill him as quickly as possible, otherwise you'll get surrounded by his goons who you don't really need to fight.

To The Airport!

Once he's dead, you'll be told to get on the bike parked on the road nearby to where you took out the last two birds. Get on it and Luis will speak to Yusuf on the phone, explaining what's happening and how you're fucked.

You need to speed to the Dukes Expressway and then follow it to the airport. Make your way to the expressway and as you arrive, you'll see one of the greatest sights in Grand Theft Auto that I can remember. Yusuf shows up, albeit somewhat unrealistically quickly, and takes out the Russian cars with his Buzzard rockets.

Follow the road past the airport and enter the runway just past the terminal itself. You need to speed along the runway and get behind Bulgarin's plane. Speed through the entrance, cut across the small concrete strip in between the grass and get into the far runway. This is where Bulgarin's plane is. Just drive flat out, and possubly lean slightly forward to reduce the wind resistance, and just before the plane gets to the end of the runway, you should be able to climb aboard.

Death Above

After the short cutscene you'll be inside the aircraft and you need to kill three or four of Bulgarin's goons. You'll take cover behind a chair to the right, but there is a pretty constany wave of fire coming at you. I suggest either using a heavy machine gun, which you may have found during the Funland part of the mission, or your explosive shotgun to take them down.

Once they're wiped out, Bulgarin will appear holding a grenade. He tells you that if you kill him, you both die. Luis says he'll take his chances.

Walk up close and execute him, You'll then see a cutscene where Bulgarin's grenade blows up the plane... But luckily Luis has a parachute, and manages to jump from the burning wreck as it plummets out of the sky. You'll be falling to earth via a parachute, and you need to get to the Dukes Monoglobe, which is where Tony is waiting for you.

We Survived!

Grab a vehicle and make your way North to the park. Watch the cutscene where Tony bumps into a tramp, and eventually walks off, when the tramp finds the bag of diamonds inside some trash and walks off extremely happy.

Luis speaks with Tony, and Tony tells you that you did it. You saved his life and his business and he's grateful. Yusuf turns up too and tells you both he loves you and that his father is interested in franchising the clubs.

Congrats, you completed the Ballad of Gay Tony!

Mission Passed!
Reward: $10,000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 10:00
  • Player Damage: 50%
  • Headshots: 25
  • Accuracy: 70%

Mission 100% Completion Tips

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